Why Solar

There has never been a better time to install a PV solar system on your roof

 The era of cheap energy is over, we all must take responsibility to protect our energy sources and not be at the mercy of the energy providers.

Most of us can’t have a wind turbine, but almost everyone can harness the sun to power our house’s. This gives a more control of our budgets because light from the sun is free and now with the latest battery technology, we can become self-sufficient. 

Solar power is now cost effective and has a huge roll in providing energy to the grid. Play your part for the environment and save money whilst you do. The combination is now irresistible.

Why go solar?

Solar panels are a clean, green option to take control of your energy requirements and cost’s. The ability to generate your own power is hugely satisfying and very cost effective. 

A typical system only takes a day to install, and your own mini power station is more affordable than you may imagine. 

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Energy Security 

There are many advantages to owning a solar panel array. It gives security from ever rising energy cost, allowing you more control of your finances. Owning your own mini power station offers protection from future power cuts and if you include a battery in your system, you can purchase electricity from your supplier overnight at up to a third of the daily tariff. This means you can generate free energy during the day and discounted energy at night to store in your battery for use in the day. 

The Environment 

We have a duty to pass planet Earth on to our children and grandchildren in better condition than we received it from our parents. Everyone is aware of what is needed, and we all have a responsibility to take decisions that impact our precious planet in a positive manner. This attitude will make us all feel more engaged in the process and feel better about ourselves. Setting the example for others to follow. 


Installing a solar panel array is effectively purchasing your energy now for the future. Once your system is paid for you have free energy for the life of the array. No matter how high energy costs rise you will be generating it free every day. The cost of a solar array have never been more affordable and the sooner you purchase a system the faster you will benefit from all the advantages of free electricity.